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In the competitive landscape of the automotive industry, consistent performance and reliability are key factors that distinguish a brand. Subaru Canada recently reinforced its standing in the market with  clinching the Best Retained Value in the SUV: Main Sub-Compact category at the Canadian Black Book Best Retained Value Awards. This marks the third consecutive year the Crosstrek has achieved this distinction, underlining its enduring appeal in the Canadian automotive market.


The Canadian Black Book Awards, a respected authority in the automotive field, annually recognizes vehicles that best maintain their original manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) after four years. This year's analysis, focusing on model year 2020 vehicles, included a broad range of cars, trucks, and SUVs across 15 categories. The awards are a vital resource for consumers, as they highlight the long-term financial merits of owning certain models. Vehicle depreciation, often the largest cost in vehicle ownership, is a critical consideration for buyers, and the awards provide valuable insights in this regard.


Subaru's achievement doesn't stop with the Crosstrek. The company also celebrated notable successes in other categories.  a model synonymous with engaging driving dynamics and affordability, secured the second position in the Sports Car: Mainstream category. Additionally, Subaru's overall brand strength was recognized, with a third-place finish in the Overall Brand: Truck/SUV category. These placements collectively underscore Subaru's duty to offering vehicles that are not just about initial appeal but enduring value and reliability.


Tomohiro Kubota, Chairman, President, and CEO of SCI, expressed his satisfaction with the results, stating that the award highlights the "enduring worth" of Subaru vehicles. He emphasized the combination of capability, performance, and long-term value as key factors that set Subaru models apart in a fiercely competitive market.


The Canadian Black Book has been a pivotal player in the Canadian automotive landscape for over 60 years. Known as 'The Authority' for vehicle values, it provides essential services like vehicle valuations, residual value forecasts, and VIN decoding. Its Enhanced Vehicle Matching (EVM) solution is particularly noteworthy, enabling precise valuations by accurately identifying vehicle trim packages.


Subaru's recent accolades in the Canadian Black Book Best Retained Value Awards are a reflection of the brand's consistent focus on delivering vehicles that offer lasting value. For consumers in Canada, these awards are a beacon, guiding them towards smart, sustainable automotive investments.

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